Upcoming Shows of the Fall (Caution: Minor Spoilers)

It’s Fall again, and new shows and old shows alike are popping up quicker than the bacteria on your phone. Or the pimples on a teenager’s face.


Anyways, there are lots of pilots/new seasons that have just come out, and here’s what I think of some of them. Keep in mind, I am not a comic book expertCaution: Spoilers.

The Flash: I was able to watch the “extended premiere” of the Flash pilot, and it did not disappoint. I really love the effects and it gives a sense of nostalgia to those who have watched Smallville. I have many good things to say about the pilot, but I’m sort of a pushover when it comes to comic-book type movies/tv shows. So, let’s start off with an issue that I’m sure everyone’s noticed. Barry Allen isn’t blonde. What’s up with that? Brown hair doesn’t really stay true to the comics. However, I pretty much forgot that issue after I saw the costume. Wow. 

I really liked the modern feel to it, and also, it was made by the creators of the Arrow suit, which gave it bonus points, since I’m a huge fan of Arrow as well. One the things I liked was the beginning of the Barry-Iris relationship. They’re adorable. The actors are selling it. Like, that Sherlock Holmes detective vision scene was absolutely amazing. Beyond them, The pilot shoots out some of the main characters right away, Eddie Thawne, Iris, Killer Frost, Professor Zoom, and they’re even bringing back Vibe, who’s a total 80’s character. More are on the way, including another COLD villain, and one very HOT villain. (They’re assembling the Rogues!!!!) There’s just one minor problem that kind of annoyed me as I was watching. The CW had released lots of teasers that had really just given away the pilot before it released. Giving off too much information had me expecting most of what was happening, but it was still enjoyable to watch it all come into play together. It’s a must-see, and I feel it has a promising future ahead of it.

Arrow (Season 3): Wow. Just wow. Right off the bat, chase sequence, with Roy in his new costume, setting up the Harper-Queen partnership. The costume for Roy gives me a creepy feel to it. Not sure why. Also, Olicity fans will probably throw parties upon seeing this episode, and then have their hearts crushed. With a new villain right off the bat, it would seem that Arrow is setting up the Fear toxin for the Scarecrow. (Will there be a Batman cameo? *Gasp*) Atom is also introduced to the cast, played by Brandon Routh, which may lead into the creation of the Justice League, since the Flash has already arrived on television. After that, there’s the beginning of the Arrow-Flash crossover with his visit with Barry. And just when you think things can’t get anymore exciting? CHARACTER DEATH. Sara is downed by a mysterious character who also uses a bow…?The flashback also does not disappoint, diving into Oliver’s past and setting up even more characters, continuing where it left off in the season finale. All in all, very exciting, and Arrow is setting itself up for another successful season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 2): I was waiting all summer for this show to come back. This I think it’s unique, I think it’s witty, and I love Jake Peralta’s character. I think his character fits perfectly under Andre Braugher’s incredibly serious personality. It was well worth the wait, and it was a nice break from all the superhero pilots/tv shows. Detective Boyle is just the most hysterical character with all of his screw-ups, and he’s the typical devoted side-kick to Jake Peralta. I think it did deserve the 2014 Best Television Series award from the Golden Globes. Also, I’m really starting to get into the relationship Peralta has for Santiago, and I like the fact that they’re still idiotic friends together, even with their contrasting personalities. That smile doe. I’m hoping to see more episodes of these shows.

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