Why People Are Reading Less Everyday

When I was visiting the library the other day, I realized that a myriad of people didn’t read books anymore. Usually, I’m reading at least 1 book at any time and I generally enjoy reading. One of my friends hates reading and only reads if he is forced too. I also remember reading a book called Fahrenheit 451 that talked about a future society where reading is virtually extinct and “firefighters” burn books instead of putting out fires.

Is this a warning for the future?

Is this a warning for the future?

When I started to ponder about the reasons for why books weren’t popular, obvious reasons came to mind. The most obvious one is technology. With smartphones and headphones and tablets and other pieces of technology, we are too busy with the digital world than with the paper world. Another reason that came to mind was that with our fast paced and busy lives it makes it hard and stressful to find time to read even for those who love to read. Something else that I have been seeing a lot recently is that with summaries online like Sparknotes and Shmoop, many students now just read those to save time or just because they’re too lazy.

It would suck if you had a book report due tomorrow and didn't start your book and your internet was down

It would suck if you had a book report due tomorrow and didn’t start your book and your internet was down

Sparknotes has some competition.

Sparknotes has some competition.

After thinking about how I could get people to read more, I started to research and found a website that answered that question.

Here’s the link: http://www.ehow.com/how_7696300_people-read-book.html. Also, I highly recommend this website for many other topics as well. I realized the most important thing about convincing people to read was that you needed to put on a cheerful and positive attitude about reading. You should buy a book as a Christmas gift and help them if they don’t understand some words. You should make he or she feel like he or she is a part of a community by inviting him or her to a club or find people that read the same books. If he or she isn’t interested enough, then you should reward that person by letting them listen to music after 5 chapters or let them go to the park when they are finished.

Books are a gateway to friends

Reading is a gateway to friends

In my own experience, reading books like Percy Jackson and the Olympians when I was younger makes it easier for me to talk with some of my friends. Also, I heard that if you’re taking the SAT, reading a plethora of novels doesn’t hurt. Technology may actually help the sale of books, as eBooks are generally less expensive than the read books and are more portable. If you can’t afford an expensive smartphone or tablet or anything that has excess to eBooks, then remember that real books don’t need to be charged and aren’t as easily broken.

Remember if you're a parent, monitor how your child uses his or her smart device

Remember if you’re a parent, monitor how your child uses his or her smart device



One thought on “Why People Are Reading Less Everyday

  1. What really caught my attention in reading your blog Martin is the title. “Why People Are Reading Less Everyday”. That statement is very true and i agree that as society encounters more abundance of technology, soon the world can possibly be digital. This blog is a must read because I am sure that majority of students in English classes don’t read. Instead, they use websites to synchronize their learning. However, the learning is false and we as students rote our ways to learning something new. Therefore, this article is very unique as I myself don’t read as much and try to find a gateway to learning. I suggest that you include examples how people don’t read and use technology as their asset. For example, the summer reading assignment, about 80 percent of students don’t read the Mythology book and instead use Sparknotes. Examples are the cornerstone of an article or blog, try using them to detail your readers. And overall, was a well thought out blog and I was pleased by your rational thinking. Good job! 🙂


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