First of all, check out these Nerdy, sciencey Halloween jokes, because why not?

Now, onto the main attraction of this post: THE POOP PILLS.

Here’s a link to the article that I’m summarizing:

So, the infection known as C. difficile, which causes severe, continuous diarrhea, approximately kills 14,000 people each year. The solution? Poop pills, of course! The MANURE you know. I actually think this could be part of a new MOVEMENT. Wow. That’s a CRAPPY way to die. Hah. IT butt CRACKS ME UP EVERY TIME.   Okay, I’ll stop. That’s the end of SCAT. I’m trying my best to FORCE IT ALL OUT of my system. Anyways, what typically ensues is a fecal transplant, since it’s the best way to keep a balance of the good germ-fighting microbes in your poop.

It has about a 90% success rate.

Basically, you can choose to shove a tube up your nose and into your stomach, down the large intestine or get the dreaded colonoscopy version. *Shivers* Just imagine if you woke up in a pair of new underwear.

Imagine getting a tube shoved down your throat and then having your gag reflex kick in. You could potentially inhale crap. So, you can see why fecal transplants aren’t the most popular. So scientists attempted to figure out a way to make the whole process easier, and they found out that frozen poop pills would work just fine. If you can’t force it into someone’s stomach, let them do it themselves.

So a test was taken, and 20 victims of C. difficile were given the poop pills (generously supplied by healthy people) and they took them for 2 days, with 15 capsules per day. When it hit the four day mark, the diarrhea had ceased! Well, it did for 14 of them anyways. The other 6 were forced to endure the pills for another week, and Hey! Their symptoms ceased as well!

The poop pills were just as effective as the actual fecal transplants. This may potentially revolutionize fecal transplants everywhere. But in the end, would you rather get poop shoved down a tube from your nose into your stomach into your large intestine, or would you rather freeze another person’s healthy poop, put it in a 1.6 gram capsule, and swallow it down with water? Yeah, just don’t get C. difficile at all. Wash your hands, people! Like, come on. Also, don’t use bathrooms that haven’t been cleaned well if someone with diarrhea used it previously. Well you can leave now. I think you’ve TURD enough already. 😉

 *Flips table*

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  1. Really interesting post about the use of such pills. Personally, I don’t think I would consider it, but if its my last scenario then so be it. In my opinion, I feel that your puns really made me cringe (not sure in a bad way or a good way) but if you really enjoy making those then go ahead.


  2. I like how you incorporated a sense of humor into the blog. It really made the blog a lot more fun to read. Overall, the post was really interesting, considering how ingesting poop can cure the infection and its symptoms, such as diarrhea.


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