How To Live Life Alone Peacefully

In my other post, I remember talking about how technology keeps people from reading or allow people to be lazy and read summaries. Then I realized that our society is becoming less social due to smartphones and other pieces of technology. Although some might argue that books can actually make people antisocial, at least it makes your brain think and you don’t check it often after finishing it. Watching a video the other day, it talked about how to be alone and be happy.

As a guy who isn’t super popular himself, this touched my heart a little. I always thought that being alone leads to being depressed and gloomy. Watching this video, I realized that there are many things in life besides just talking with your friends. In order to be happy, you have to look at the small things in life and be thankful for them. But I don’t think that being alone is an excuse to use your smartphone all day. There are more things in life than a metal box. Visiting eHow again, I found some ways to cope with loneliness. Although the website tells you how to not be lonely, some of the instructions tell you tips on how to live alone easily. Here’s the link:

I wonder what smartphone is this?

I wonder what smartphone is this?

One clever idea that I found on the website was taking care of pets. I thought that was a great idea. I even heard that dogs help lower risk of a heart attack. Ironically though, your pet’s death may make you more depressed than before you had a pet. I do disagree on some points though. For example, I would say that preparing your favorite foods is somewhat alright, maybe not always a positive. The reason is that if your favorite foods are Doritos and pepperoni pizza, it might give you happiness in the short run, but in the long run I don’t think you will be happy having obesity or diabetes.

How come people don't use the phrase bed potato?

How come people don’t use the phrase bed potato?

Personally, I think it’s pretty hard to live alone peacefully and with happiness. I mean, there really isn’t a replacement for a human friend (Maybe a pet?). How I cope with loneliness is to be resourceful. For example, if you are stuck home all day during spring break go try to learn how to type fast or do a drawing or go to a festival or some event to volunteer. There are lots of things to do, but I think maybe we should be more open-minded about the choices we have. Another benefit for being alone is that you are less vulnerable to sorrow and sadness than to people who have lots of friends but lose them after some major life events. For example, if you are alone at least when you move around schools or go to college you won’t suffer the pain of not seeing your friends for awhile or even forever. Lastly, being alone may help you with school, because you won’t have your friends distracting you, although you might actually use them for help, but I think homework is best done alone.

I wonder how many schools block Facebook?

I wonder how many schools block Facebook?



One thought on “How To Live Life Alone Peacefully

  1. Greetings, I had a connection with the topic because everyday I feel the same way where I always nothing to do at the end of the day because I have no one to talk to or in that time where you feel like you have no more things else to do other than sit around all day. I have taken your advice in many occasions for doing extra work to keep yourself happy and be more open minded to. For example I’ve gone to some rehearsals to teach people younger than me how to play or march in marching band. It helped me a lot to connect to other people, I’m thankful for them for allowing me teach them despite how bad I personally think I am at teaching in general.


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