What Makes Characters Likeable? (Part I)

So recently, as most of y’all know, the Fate/stay night anime has been airing as a remake by Ufotable, using the Unlimited Blade Works story route. Now, I never really watched the old Fate/stay night because after watching the first episode, I instantly hated how there was nothing interesting going on, and the animation wasn’t of the best quality either. But Fate/Zero, a sorta prequel to Fate/stay night, was probably one of the best animes I’ve ever watched, with excellent animation and solid story. My favorite character in that show was Waver, and what made him really likeable was the fact that he was relatable. That’s the reason why people are able to talk about their favorite characters so much; they can relate. However, relatability is not the only reason why people like their characters the way they do, and I’m going to discuss it through this post.



Waver Velvet is a teenager who wants the world to be able to recognize his “genius.” He wants society not to ignore him because he knows of his high his own intellect is, which is why he is constantly trying to prove himself. Sounds like a lot of young adults and teens, doesn’t it? Waver recklessly entered the Fourth Holy Grail War just because he wanted to show his ignorant teacher, Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald, that one’s magic gets stronger because of experience, not through hereditary means. Kayneth had embarrassed him in front of the whole class by shredding up his essay on this topic.  Though joining a war that could’ve gotten him killed, it goes deep into Waver’s character, showing bravery in a way. Reckless. Smart. Bratty. Full of Potential. Being able to relate to a character helps us generate more thoughts about him/her. Even though he is short-tempered and a bit cowardish at times, it might be the reason why we fall in love with this brat.


Allen Walker is the main character in the series, D-Gray Man. Cursed by his adoptive father after seemingly “resurrecting” him from the dead, Allen’s eye has been able to see Akuma (demons) in the form of humans. As an exorcist, Allen’s goal is to free the souls of Akuma from this world.


Of course, as the main character of the series, Allen would be the favorite of many. But what makes him stand out is that he’s a true hero. He’s the type of person that would rather give up his life to save others, and he would be happy to die if he knew if he’s saved his friends. Always determined to do the right thing at no matter what cost, it’s these qualities that make Allen the one people would admire. Even Allen’s bad qualities make him a favorite: he’s learned to cheat at poker ever since he was a child.



As one of the main characters in the series, Soul Eater, Death the Kid’s main reason for being popular with viewers is because of his awesomeness and occasional (arguably more often) stupidity. Kid is one of the best fighters in the show/manga, wielding twin pistols, Liz and Patty, as his weapons. But what makes him so COOL and TOUGH? Well, as a shinigami, being born as a fragment of his father’s soul, he is already more advanced than the typical human being. Adding on, Kid has many different gun stances and a powerful Soul Resonance, perhaps making him the strongest character out of the three main Meisters (the other two being Maka and Black Star).


And did I mention how much of an idiot he can be at times? He has OCD for symmetry though, so I mean, it’s not like he can help it. But the way his obsession for symmetry endangers his team at times is just hilarious. Once, he left his two weapons to care for themselves so that he could run home to see if his toilet paper was folded correctly. But at other times, he goes on FULL BEAST MODE when fighting a monster that is asymmetrical. Oh! His favorite number is 8 just because it can be split evenly.


There are many reasons why characters are favorites, and these three aren’t the only ones. So guys, I hoped you enjoyed this post. As you can see, it says Part I, which means there has to be a Part II. Hope you guys stick around for next time!


Part II:

Gajeel (Fairy Tail)

Amaimon (Blue Exorcist)

Hiro Shirosaki (Glasslip)



3 thoughts on “What Makes Characters Likeable? (Part I)

  1. You know what, I actually love most of characters you listed. Not only were they especially cool and had the whole anime character pizazz, but they had flaws that made them different from the other characters, and as cheesy as it sounds it’s really their flaws that make them more likeable.


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