What Makes A Movie Good?

Seeing the new, leaked trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron, I thought about visiting the movie theater some time soon (and thinking about how the creators of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are going to get more viewers now). Since the movie doesn’t come out until May 2015, I’m just going to talk about why good movies are good. Let’s start on the categories. According to this website,http://bozell.com/most-popular-movie-genres/, the most popular genre was action/adventure in 2012. I wasn’t really surprised about this data. Some of the highest-grossing films in 2012 were action movies, such as Skyfall, The Avengers, and The Dark Knight Rises. Some may argue that movies that make the most money aren’t necessarily the best ones, but I have heard my friends admiring these films in the past. I guess most people, including myself, love action/adventure movies because since most of the plots and fights would never happen in real life, our curiosity drives us to see what it would be like to live in a universe where all of this could take place. Also, I remembered hearing about how many people love horror movies because since some of us aren’t in these dangerous situations a lot, it’s actually enjoyable to feel such powerful fear to satisfy their dull lives.

I wonder why this was leaked 6 days early?

Speaking of the Avengers, all of their movies have been somewhat based on earlier stories in the comics. Now that begs the question, does the content a movie is based on makes it good? I would answer yes. Some will say, ” But how come most of those movies based on books are bad?” There are multiple reasons, such as the fact that if the director just made the book like the movie, what was the point of watching it if you read the book? At least that’s what I read somewhere else. Another reason is that books have so much detail in them, from the freckles on someone’s face to the very detailed fight scenes. Now I’m not even much of a comic book reader, but I believe that the Marvel movies do not follow their comic book stories counterparts exactly. So why are they so enjoyable? My response is that all these comics are fast-paced. I mean, compared to Sophocles The Oedipus Cycle, comic books make their scenes quick and time efficient compared to Sophocles. Since these comics are fast-paced, as long as the movie has a good plot and goes at a good pace, it will be fine. For example, Iron Man 2 was criticized for not having enough action and didn’t really feel like a comic book until the very end for having a slow pace.

This movie series needs to be rebooted. Like seriously.

This movie series needs to be rebooted. Like seriously.

Other things would be actors and actresses. The movie can have a great plot, but if their actors/actresses are bad at acting or don’t look like supermodels, then the movie is somewhat plain. Although I think it’s unrealistic to make everyone look extravagant, especially the extras. I also believe that if a movie puts multiple races and genders as the main characters, then there will be a more broad, wide audience. Another important thing to consider is the setting. Movies that explores multiple time periods and locations make it more interesting how the culture differs in other times and places or simply to make it more interesting. Lastly, how the movie actually looks like. Special effects are very important, as they give the audience a first impression on how well the film was made or how much effort the people behind-the-scenes put in. For example, the movie Gravity was not only praised for its unique plot, but also for its special effects in 3D. Another good example would be The Dark Knight Rises, which had 72 minutes of IMAX footage, which was the most ever back then (I don’t know if any other film has surpassed that at the moment).

I wished I could have watched this in 3D

I wished I could have watched this in 3D

UPDATE: Since the trailer was leaked early, now Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will show an exclusive scene on Oct. 28. Hopefully for Marvel this scene doesn’t leak also.
~ Martin


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