ALS Ice Bucket Challenge And Other Viral Challenges

I know this is super late but then again ALS is still here so let’s chat! Recently, I saw a video about a man who had ALS but kept the will to live through his love for writing. I wished I had seen this video when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was still popular but it really touched my heart how someone was close to death and practically in a vegetative state but still found some value in life. I believe that we should all find someone we truly enjoy in life, through bad or good times. Although I never did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I know that the challenge raises awareness by posting your video on the Internet and by nominating 3 people and those 3 people have 24 hours to do it. The purpose of drenching yourself in a cold shower is to make yourself feel numb for a few seconds, while people with ALS feel numb all the time. Lastly, you’re supposed to donate $100 if you don’t do the challenge or $10 if you do. I heard complaints that the challenge wastes water (we’re in a drought!) and celebrities just use it to seek attention.

I hope that ALS will be cured soon.

Unfortunately, I think some of these complaints are legit but as long as all the focus is on the disease then it is alright to do the stunt and Matt Damon used toliet water to also raise awareness about the lack of excess to water in other countries across the world. Someone I knew even suggested to do a boiling water challenge so the water would evaporate right away and none would be wasted! Personally, I think it is a great way to raise awareness and donate to the cure and have some fun in the summer. (This would probably be pretty terrible in the winter though).

Ah, I loved the Bourne trilogy!

Other challenges I have seen were the 7 Day Gratitude Challenge and even a Bible Verse Challenge. These challenges were less popular but still was addicting (I mean when you nominate 2 people a day for the 7 Day Gratitude Challenge, you probably will hit someone who got nominated already or did it). I believe these challenges are a nice way to express your thoughts and feelings in a positive manner, although many people do decline to do these challenges. I do believe that these challenges work best when you nominate your best friends rather than nominating some stranger. I feel like even though the AlS Ice Bucket Challenge has long since lost its popularity, we should always be positive and strive to help people every day and have an impact on people’s lives. Lastly, I learned that sometimes a dead man’s legacy is more important than a living man’s actions. In other words, we should always strive to do something we adore passionately and not live a life that has no trace on anything once it is gone. Who knows, maybe this blog is one of those traces?

How do you want to be remembered?

How do you want to be remembered?



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