You know what grinds my gears?

As you can see, this post will discuss one of the most serious problems to date: The purchase of in-game currency. DUN DUN DUUUUUN.
We’ve all played those kinds of games. Yeah, those games. You start off with free currency, for a limited amount of time. You think, ‘Hey. I like this game. And free currency? Heck yeah!’ The trap is set. Once you reach a certain level or period of time, reality sets in, and now come all the offers from the game. The game gives you the option to either: wait a billion hours while it replenishes your energy or purchase coins (or whatever the assorted currency may be). And even worse, there’s always some flashy “discount” sign in the menu that says something similar to “Get 5000 Doughnut Bucks and get a BONUS (Extra emphasis on BONUS) 3000 Noodle coins for FREE!!!”. At the time, your minds go, ‘Yeah, it’s only like 10 bucks, and just for that, I can go speed up the construction time for my Doughnut shop!’, but then at some point, everyone realizes that they’re paying for a virtual currency. But, by then, it’s already too late. We’ve given up real money for some virtual coins, just so that we could enjoy some virtual doughnuts and see our virtual profits from our virtual Doughnut shop rise and rise. Virtual, virtual, virtual, BLEH. For a minute or so, it seems as if you’ve dominated the game, but in all the time it took to go enter your paypal info or purchase that one seemingly great “deal”, you could’ve been buying doughnuts in real life- REAL LIFE!!! I know. Isn’t the thought of eating real doughnuts versus virtual doughnuts just absolutely terrifying? Speaking of terrifying…

HAH! That’s not what you were expecting, was it? Happy Halloween anyways!

Anyways, BOOM! TIME FOR ANOTHER DOUGHNUT SHOP UPGRADE! And the process begins all over again except, now it gets more expensive to upgrade everything. ‘You know how much those doughnuts cost? Get the booster pack to reduce the costs by 15%!’ And once more, we’re sucked into this harsh, gritty, back-and-forth cycle of paying money to purchasing things in-game. Then a month or so passes by and that game isn’t the “new thing” anymore, which means everyone just stops playing it. Oh well. There goes 40 dollars down the drain. BUT AT LEAST I HAD VIRTUAL DOUGHNUTS.

All I’m hearing is doughnuts. Subliminal messaging, Mr. T. 😉

I wouldn’t mind paying for a full game, or playing a completely free game, but this? The games that are in between free-to-play and a paid game? I’m not having any of it. Of course, I say that, but at the end of the day, I’m still playing them. HYPOCRITE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I am able to control myself now, where I can wait for the energy to refill, or the mana to regenerate, and hopefully you can too. I’m not dissing on the games that do this, since they CAN be really fun games. However, I think instead of combining those two types of games listed (Free-to-play or Paid), there should just be a demo version to attract interest, and a paid version for those who wish to play. The free sampling method always works.

Apparently, people think I’m a little cookie. Donut listen to any of them. Hole-ly cow, these puns are awful. I couldn’t find better ones, even if I fried. :3

Guys…just don’t forget the true lesson here: Buy real doughnuts, not the crappy, virtual kind.

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3 thoughts on “You know what grinds my gears?

  1. Oh darn it, there is a term for that process you describe, of taking money in small values slowly so people don’t notice. Arcades did it too, you’d throw away so much money but never realize because you see “just another quarter”. Come on brain of mine, THINK!


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