Sunday Sketch #9

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Haha, I just finished Death Note. A bit late, but whatever. Here’s Mello.



Dennis’ Top Five Favorite Animes

Hi y’all! As you can tell from my past posts on anime before (the ones about the characters: here and here), I am clearly a fanatic of anime. This week, I had stumbled upon a post called Really Cool Animes to Start Watching, in which Megan (if that’s even her actual name) recommends five animes to the readers. In my blog post, I will suggest to y’all my favorite animes. So let’s start.



For those looking for humor, The Devil Is A Part-Timer! is the ideal anime for you. In this anime, Satan and his general Alciel get stuck in the human world. The methods that they use to cope with the new world problems is just real comical. Alciel acts like a housewife, while Satan works at McRonalds (a mock McDonalds), going up the ranks, with a dream of becoming the manager and taking over the world from there. They also take on fake names (Sadao Maou and Shiro Ashiya, respectively). Satan comes into contact with the “hero” Emile (which results in a hysterical conversation with the police), a teenage fellow co-worker falls in love with him, and when Lucifer is brought into his and Ashiya’s household, more funny conflict ensues. And this anime has its romantic moments as well, but I don’t wanna spoil anything else. Watch it. Continue reading

Diversity in Comics: Wally West

So as most of y’all know, DC Comics rebooted their whole line of main books back in 2011. Many characters had their origins changed, and even though many readers loved the change, there was still a number who totally disagreed with it. To be honest, I liked most of the reboot, but there are some parts of it that put my heart at strong discontent. As you can tell from the title, I really dislike how DC has decided to handle diversity.

Seriously, why did the reboot have to make white characters turn black and straight characters turn gay? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with black or LGBT characters, but the fact that they decided to change characters we loved for years just the way they were is what’s killing me. They claimed that the character was still the same essentially, but they’re not the Wally West or Alan Scott that we used to know.


Art by Karl Kerschl.

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Review and Analysis: “Immortals” by Fall Out Boy

So as most of y’all know, Big Hero 6 is coming out this Friday. So much hype is surrounding this movie, and I’m so gonna go watch this movie, and likely with the homies Alan and Martini.

Specifically for this movie, Fall Out Boy released a song called “Immortals.” Last week I decided to analyze a book, and this week I’d like to do a song.

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