How Has Technology Influenced Our Lives?

With more and more superior technology being made at a rapid pace, I think we should think about the effect of technology in our lives. I mean, technology feels like something we all need. For example, many assignments in school are posted online. Heck, blogging is based on technology! From carrying a smartphone with us all the time to the satellites close to our atmosphere, technology seems to revolve around us. I believe that technology is neither good or evil. For example, nuclear fission can destroy entire cities, such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or can power entire cities, using nuclear power plants. Technology has made it easier to communicate, through texting or Facebook, record moments in our lives, through pictures or videos, or help us with our work, whether it would be a PowerPoint or a Google Doc.


I wonder when humans can live in Chernobyl again?

Ahhh, this reminds me of that one Twilight Zone episode

Ahhh, this reminds me of that one Twilight Zone episode

I believe that technology has practically given us comfort in every way possible, with fancy watches telling you the time or satellite predicting the weather. I believe that if one day the lights went out for good due to some sort of natural disaster I don’t think 1st world countries would adapt quickly.In school, we use calculators for math, computers for various assignments such as book reports, phones to take pictures of things we couldn’t write down in class. In our homes, electricity to power the microwave, gas to fuel the kitchen, water for our restrooms and the list goes on. Keep in mind, I’m talking about all sorts of technology, not just electronics.

Hopefully I can get this during Black Friday!

Hopefully I can get this during Black Friday!

Technology has drastically changed our entertainment lives. Back then, people wrote stories to entertain themselves or just go the playground or went to church or various other things. But now people keep looking down at their phones, go to the movies, or simply use the computers. In my opinion, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since it makes it easier to keep ourselves entertain at the cost of abandoning old ways of entertainment such as reading a book. In a more serious matter, technology helps us in business, airplanes to have meetings faster or email to send vital information in a matter of minutes. When it comes to health, I would say this is one of the most useful things technology has given us. From the days of the Black Death, we have made numerous advances, such as the accidental discovery of penicillin or the virtual eradication of smallpox.

Hopefully no one gets hurt on Black Friday over this

Hopefully no one gets hurt on Black Friday over this

On the subject of law, unfortunately, technology has made it WAY too easy to hurt people, although some of this new tech can actually benefit us. Security cameras can record faces of various perpetrator or license plates. There are so many ways technology has changed us, maybe it’s best just to show you what a community looks like without modern technology. One example is the Amish. According to Wikipedia (, they are a Christian community related to  the Mennonite and Anabaptist churches. They are reluctant to use modern technology, such as using horses instead of cars. All you need to do to see the impact of modern technology is compare their culture vs ours. Note: This was not a way to offend Amish people, simply a way to see what technology has done to us.

Must be a lot less stressful being Amish

Must be a lot less stressful being Amish

On a more negative note, technology has allowed people to be hateful over the Internet through cyber bullying or trolling. Unfortunately, technology makes it possible for all the scum to remain anonymous and not face the consequences. On a more massive scale, there are viruses out there and malware and all sorts of dangers on the Internet. In general, technology has made our lives easier, with advances in medicine and quickening the speed of communication, or harder, with more deadly weapons and cyber bullying. Technology can even change us literally, with our muscles shrinking due to technology doing all the work or being sick due to pollution or losing hair due to air conditioning or heating.

Here’s a video that explains some of things I just said:

I recommend watching Alltimes 10, but I do warn you some of the material is a bit inappropriate or disturbing.

Lastly, I would like to give credit to Extremely Dull Blog’s article on social media. Link below. I recommend reading his blog, his pictures and ideas are SPOT on.

~Martin (Loquacious Magpie)


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