Dennis’ Top Five Favorite Animes

Hi y’all! As you can tell from my past posts on anime before (the ones about the characters: here and here), I am clearly a fanatic of anime. This week, I had stumbled upon a post called Really Cool Animes to Start Watching, in which Megan (if that’s even her actual name) recommends five animes to the readers. In my blog post, I will suggest to y’all my favorite animes. So let’s start.



For those looking for humor, The Devil Is A Part-Timer! is the ideal anime for you. In this anime, Satan and his general Alciel get stuck in the human world. The methods that they use to cope with the new world problems is just real comical. Alciel acts like a housewife, while Satan works at McRonalds (a mock McDonalds), going up the ranks, with a dream of becoming the manager and taking over the world from there. They also take on fake names (Sadao Maou and Shiro Ashiya, respectively). Satan comes into contact with the “hero” Emile (which results in a hysterical conversation with the police), a teenage fellow co-worker falls in love with him, and when Lucifer is brought into his and Ashiya’s household, more funny conflict ensues. And this anime has its romantic moments as well, but I don’t wanna spoil anything else. Watch it.



Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has a stronger storyline than the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime, Brotherhood sticking true to its manga source while the first drifting off the the source too much. Anyways, Brotherhood has it all: strong storyline, emotional moments, romance, and humor. FMA is about two brother alchemists, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who tried to bring their mother back through an illegal method called human transmutation, resulting in Ed losing his arm and leg, while Al lost his body. The relationship between the two brothers is what most people adore though: how much they care for each other, how funny their actions with each other are, and how they share a common goal. Packed not only with action, the anime includes morals and values that we could learn as well. Watch it.



Noragami is another anime for those that are looking for humor while having a solid storyline as well. Yato is a minor, or “stray,” god who has a dream to one day rise to the top, getting lots of money and women, and his own shrine. His method to achieve his goal is however, to help anyone, with any task, for only five yen. One day, he meets Hiyori, a girl who becomes half-phantom and half-human after saving him from a car crash. She constantly falls in and out of consciousness, drifting from her human body and her spirit. She asks Yato to help her get her out of this condition, and Yato appears to make it his goal, only for five yen. Soon, Yato meets his weapon, a teenager named Yukine, who he calls Sekki in sword form. I swear, I hated Yukine so much until the last couple episodes because of major changes that made Yato’s bond to Yukine something that people would adore rather then abhor. Watch it.



Fate/Zero probably is the most beautifully animated anime I’ve ever seen. That’s probably what attracted me to this anime in the first place. However, when I first started watching this anime, I didn’t really understand what was going on until after end of the first episode, in which I took time thinking about it for a while. However, after thinking about it and watching it even further, you start to realize how solid and interesting the story is. So the anime revolves around a war titled Fourth Holy Grail War, in which mages summon a heroic spirit to help them win the Holy Grail, a prize that is claimed to be a “wish-granting miracle.” Heroic Spirits are summoned from seven classes: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Assassin, Berserker, and Caster. Saber, for example, is King Arthur, and Rider is Alexander the Great. But what intrigued me the most was the morals of the main male protagonist, Kiritsugu Emiya. Is it possible to achieve world peace? How to become a hero of justice? How to save as many people as possible? Watch it.



Why is Psycho Pass at the top of my list? Because it’s a crime anime that takes place in a future dystopia, where humans’ mental states are measured by “machines,” the so-called Sibyl system. Your potential to become a criminal is even measured, so you could even be locked up as a child. Yes, I’ve already mentioned the fact that all the animes I’ve watched have a strong storyline. So what makes this one stand out to me? What makes this anime stand out to me so much is the topics that it makes us question ourselves. Is technology really pushing us forward? Why are there people in this world that kill without emotion? Do we take a right to judge people ourselves? An anime that can bring up discussion is what makes an anime a good one. Watch it.



3 thoughts on “Dennis’ Top Five Favorite Animes

  1. Noragami is a pretty cool anime. You should totally make a manga recommendation post. Did you watch Kuroko No Basuke, Ouran High School Host Club, or Kuroshitsuji? In my opinion, the second season of Kuroshitsuji was pretty bad.


  2. Reblogged this on Born Random and commented:
    As you all may know, I am very addicted to anime. Like, very.
    However, I haven’t been posting about it as much as I would like to. And I sincerely apologize.
    Fortunately, for those of you who only read my posts for the anime references and such, there’s this blog called ‘Shadows of the Day’ that frequently blogs about anime. I find all of their content rather enjoyable and very relatable (since I can empathize with their views on the anime).
    Here’s one of my favorite blog posts from them.


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