So there’s this guy with a peach head who’s strolling down a street and another man walks by and asks, “Why do you have a peach head?”

“Funny story.” The Peach man says.

“I was walking along a street similar to this one, when I met a genie who was prepared to grant me three wishes. I was psyched, but I didn’t know if he was legit, so I tentatively asked him for my first wish: To get a million bucks. So sure enough, a man with a briefcase walks by and says,’You’ve won a million dollars. Congratulations.’ He left me the briefcase and it was clearly a million bucks. I was amazed that the genie was legit and I asked for my second wish. I wanted a hot chick for my wife. Sure enough, Jennifer Lawrence walked by and told me, ‘We’re going to Vegas to get married.’ After that, I had one last wish. I pondered and pondered for days, and finally, I told the genie, “I wish for a peach head.”

End of story.


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