Love And Its Impact

Reading the book Siddhartha,  I stumbled upon a quote that said “It seems to me, Govinda, that love is the most important thing in the world.” In this quote Siddhartha, a man who leaves home for spiritual enlightenment, (not Buddha) talks to his friend Govinda in his later years. I liked this quote because it’s true, love does drive a lot of us. Whether it would be love for your friends, family, or boyfriend/girlfriend, it what drives you to have relationships. In the tragedy Romeo and Juliet, Romeo meets Juliet on the balcony even though their families hate each other. This is a perfect example where love beats fear. Love plays other roles also. For example, a student’s love for learning can get him to college or a man’s love for sports can get him the Olympic medal. In history, one important example where love played a big role is when Henry VIII separated from the Roman Catholic Church and created the Anglican Church so he could divorce his wife Catherine of Aragon for Anne Boleyn.

How many wives did he have again?

How many wives did he have again?

Also, love affects the business industry. For instance, according to Statistic Brain, teenagers in the U.S. consume $258.7 billion and also mostly rely on their parents. My point is that their parents must love them a lot to spend so much on their needs and passions. In the Bible, love causes the downfall of humanity through Eve giving Adam the apple when God specifically said not to eat it. In movies it also plays a strong role. In Mockingjay Part 1, Katniss’ love for Peeta makes President Coin promise to rescue the taken victors in exchange for being the lead actor in District 13’s propaganda videos. Now talking about love in general, have you ever seen those really cool marriage proposals?

I mean there was even one where someone bought 99 iPhones for their significant other! Unfortunately she said no 😦  Maybe she liked Android? Now here’s a successful marriage proposal 🙂

Love can create stress sometimes in our lives. For some people, their parents may have been strict to their children and teenagers about dating saying that it would interfere with their grades and saying no dating until college. Other times we have unrequited love and then get friendzoned and other times we like someone who is already taken. Love can even allow superhuman feats to be done. For example, a mother once held a Chevy Impala for 5 minutes that was on top of her son so neighbors could rescue him. For more superhuman feats, go to this website. During the holidays, family come together for reunions and people buy presents for each other. Speaking of holidays, one holiday focused on love is Saint Valentine’s Day. In the U.S., people buy or make gift cards, chocolates, or flowers for their loved one.

Happy Holidays people!

Happy Holidays people!

Lastly, here’s my handmade image of the quote in Siddhartha.

Dennis teach me how to draw!

Dennis teach me how to draw!

~Martin (Loquacious Magpie)


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