“A path lies before you which you are called to follow.”

Doesn’t it feel like sometimes, we’re restrained to a path we don’t choose, but are forced to take? “Yes, all the time.” It was rhetorical, go read this article.




I’m feeling sassy.

Growing up, I was berated with comments from family members and my parents to get a good job and support my family. At the time, I felt like it was the right way, and that I should follow them at all costs, not wanting to disappoint them. As I got older (not necessarily maturing), I became a teenager, and at that moment, it was my duty as a teenager to doubt everything that they said, and not listen to half of what they said at all. The more that this occurred, the more began to build a confidence about me. I felt as if I should pave my own path towards my future. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for a kid who believed that all he needed to succeed in the world was a really hot girlfriend, it probably wasn’t the greatest of ideas.

So who was right? Was it my parents, with their crazy need for me to study my butt off, or was it 13 year old me, who needed a hot girlfriend? Ehhhh. Aside from that, my parents were crazy control freaks. They wanted me to sleep at a certain time, they wanted me to eat at a certain time, they wanted me to do things the “right way” all the time, which was essentially “their way”. They need to just stop and think for a moment. They had teenage years as well. I got angry quite frequently with my domestic life, though I hardly showed any of that at school. School was basically the only time I could get rid of them and focus on something else. Unfortunately, they had to control school life too, constantly reminding me to get good grades and into a good college. Yeesh.

On the contrary, there are parents out there who don’t get involved in their children’s lives at all. They don’t force them to do anything, which would sound like a great thing in a child’s point of view, but this results in spoiled and unruly children. They don’t hold their child accountable for anything, which would never happen in real life. In this domestic environment, there is practically no parent, therefore no leader to point them in the right path. This tends to wind up in isolation, and a feeling of freedom, which in the short-term feels great for them, but in the long-term results in a failure to follow the system.

Should parents be the ones to control our lives or not at all? As a lovable nerd once said,

“No, not control it. But maybe aim it.”

I actually don’t even remember the exact quote, but that’s pretty close. I think. But in other words, I feel as if parents should be allowed not to take over the aspects of their children’s lives, but rather give it a good dropkick in the right direction. They also shouldn’t just leave their child to do what they think is right at the time. I mean, seriously, if all children had it their way, they’d be buying toys day and night, and hire butlers to do their every whim, and eat rice-krispies for four meals a day, and for their whole house to be covered in trampolines to make it easier to get around. Ooh, and a candy dispenser. No, 500 candy dispensers. All in a room. As amazing and drool worthy as that sounds, as a parent, you have to be able to make the decision of what to indulge your kids in and what not to.

My history teacher once said, “Your parents are doing the best they can with what they have.” I do believe that is true. They’re doing what they think is best for you, which is all they can do, since they know, at one point or another, you’re going to be able to make your own decisions, and when that happens, all they can do is hope that what they taught you is for the best. Now, it doesn’t mean that they can just trample over you, and do as they please, but I think there’s a good balancing point for where they’re in between being a huge pushover and a control freak. It also doesn’t mean they should just leave you to pave your own path completely on your own, without any input. Both parties make mistakes, both children and adults. They don’t admit it too often to the other, but we should probably learn from both.

And also, how repetitive was this whole article? And that title, like seriously, the cover photo has the same exact words. I didn’t need to post that twice.


Yeah, I’m not scrolling up there to take that out. I dunno, maybe I’ll remember to go back and edit it. Naaaaaaaah.

“Go back and-”


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