Monday ReMIX #2

My turn. This is a pretty popular one, and it’s not really anime related, so just take a look. Still pretty cool.

~ Alan


Double-Reeded Warrior’s Hopes for 2015

I really should’ve done a post like this at the beginning of the year when it makes sense for people to be like: “OH MAN, it’s time to tell people my new year’s resolution and what I’m looking forward too.”

I seriously didn’t have a new year’s resolution. Why change myself if I was pretty satisfied with who I’ve been for the past three or four years?

“So anyways, Dennis, how was 2014 for you?”

“Same as 2013?”

“Well, how was that year?”

“Same as 2012?”

“Well, how was that–”

“Shut up!”


As you can see, nothing has really changed for me in the past couple years, and I’m pretty satisfied with my life.

But thing is, I don’t look forward to all of 2015, simply because that’s too much to look forward to. I mean, why look forward to the next year when I have nothing planned out for the next week?

Honestly, I don’t care about any of the plans I have. I’m more of the type of person who is still interested in entertainment, such as music, anime, and comics. So you know what? I’m just gonna talk about what’s coming up, from what to come from DC Comics during Convergence and post-Convergence to a bunch of anime. Prepare for a very visual presentation.



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Magpie’s Goals For 2015

Since New Year’s is over, it’s time to make sure I don’t write 2014 on any of my papers 😀 . Oops I think I already did that haha. Looking at 2014, I realized that I have done many new things and made new friends. This year, I hope to try new things and have better time management. Last year, I felt like I needed more sleep and although sometimes it was unavoidable, I saw some ways to get more sleep. Another thing I regretted was not being more productive during the weekends and holidays. I mean sure, those days are meant for rest but I felt like I should have done more work around the house.

Man I liked those days when I got 8 hours of sleep

Man I liked those days when I got 8 hours of sleep

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