Three Songs That Deserve A Lot More Recognition

Usually, the most popular songs off albums tend to be the songs that were released as singles, or songs that are soon made into music videos. You probably won’t see a song that wasn’t given promotion end up topping charts. That’s not likely at all. For example, Maroon 5’s “Sugar,” released off their album, (2014), became a huge hit only after the release of their music video. As a major fan, I already knew of “Sugar” long before it hit the charts. So, because of this, there are clearly many songs out there without enough recognition. I’m gonna give y’all three songs that are just amazing.


Ed Sheeran, (2014): “Afire Love”

Ah, this song. My favorite number one song of all time. Continue reading


I Prefer to Listen to Japanese Music While Working

I’m a man of all different types of music. Pop, hip-hop, rap, R&B, soul, and occasionally even country. You name it. And as a budding otaku, I am also into calmer modern Japanese music (not classical, that’s probably the one genre—I can’t even—). So I find myself listening to anime OPs and EDs and various other J-music while working, whether it’d be homework or paperwork or among other stuff. But why?

Japanese music is not only actual quality music, but I also usually don’t understand a single word of it. And how is that in any way good?

It’s common to hear that listening to music with lyrics while doing another assignment is not efficient because the assignment that you’re doing will likely have words as well, meaning that the probability of you taking in that info while listening to that song wouldn’t be very high. Although, that is when you listen to a song with lyrics you understand. Japanese music, however, has lyrics that I can not understand, so then it basically becomes a part of the instrumental to me. Continue reading

You Have No Idea About My Needs

“So Dennis, if I asked you what you need, what would tell me?”

“Food, water, and shelter. And mucho dinero. Gotta stay stocked up on my comics and anime. And there, my life is fulfilled.”

“I see. Nothing important.”

“Or nah.”


I remember that I’ve had many happy moments in my life, but I also remember that the happiness lasted only a limited time. Getting a report card with straight As is great, right? Well, I started to think about all the struggles I had to go through to make it to that very moment. Doesn’t seem so great anymore, right?

An equivalent of that feeling is passing by some cute girl and fantasizing about her, then realizing that you’ll never know her name and likely never see her again. Whoa…

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