Plato’s “I’m Stuck In A Cave…again.” -Now with 8-bit animation.

Have you ever stopped to ponder if there was something beyond what we know to be real? In Plato’s point of view, for all we know, we could be seeing the essence of something, or, just a fragment of it, i.e. a shadow. Imagine being in a cave, staring at a shadow of something, or in the video, a sword. What would happen if we were to be able to turn around, and discover the truth: That the shadow is not real, and in actuality, that it’s just a figment of the actual item.

Assuming we leave the metaphorical cave, and we reach the outer world, would we not be overwhelmed by what we know is real and what isn’t? We’re essentially breaking down barriers that make up all we know. Could we even comprehend that? In Plato’s mind, it’s like trying to stare up into the sun, which hurts like crazy, for the first time. OR actually, every time you stare at the sun, it’ll probably hurt, but in a metaphorical manner, you’re truly “seeing” the world for the first time, and it’s going to be new, and it’s going to be strange.

You could say, we’d be blown away. HAH.

But from there, how do we know that there isn’t something beyond what’s “real”? I mean after all, we were just shown that all we know is but a fraction of the truth, so what if the truth is but a fraction of an even greater truth?!

I know. Confusing, right? Watch the video, it explains it much better than I do. :3

Plato finally decides that, the items that we know, real and unreal (item and its shadow), belong in the world of becoming, which is where we all are. Those that are beyond real, belong in the “world of being”, waaaaaay above all of us.

Basically, all that we know is a “shadow” of an item that belongs to the world of being. All imperfect copies, every one of ‘em. Now, imagine if the person who escaped the cave tried to go back in, and explain to the other people stuck in the cave, about the world of being and whatnot. He or she would just look absolutely insane, I mean, picture someone running up to you and going, “THE WORLD OF BEING. IT’S REAL. WE’RE FAKE. FAKE. FAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. THESE AREN’T CLOTHES. WHAT I’M WEARING IS A SHADOW OF THE TRUTH.”

You get the idea: PUT SOME CLOTHES ON, PEOPLE. This would only result in the others turning on you, since not everyone is ready to accept the truth. It may be too overwhelming for their comprehension, like how in the Matrix (first one), Cypher attempts to return into the Matrix, for he cannot handle reality.

That’s actually a really good example. The matrix is kind of like this whole cave scenario. Y-you know what? Go watch the matrix. Forget the video. WATCH THE MATRIX. BECOME PLATO. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Check out Wisecrack’s Youtube channel, they have great, modernized stuff over there.


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