I Bet You That Most People Aren’t Prepared For Life

Last week, there was something that I knew was coming, but due to a variety of factors, I was completely unprepared and failed my task. After that, I was more depressed than I had been in awhile. I also hadn’t felt so stupid in such a long time. I realized that maybe most of us aren’t as prepared as we thought. For instance, many people don’t have a basement, yet a basement is where you’re supposed to go when there is a twister or a tornado. Now it’s fine if there are rarely tornadoes where you reside, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe.

I wonder what's like to be a storm watcher?

I wonder what’s like to be a storm watcher?

Let’s face it, it’s human to ignore threats until they are coming at us. We usually think something like, “Oh, no way am I going to get addicted to TV if I start using Netflix!” Next thing you know, your job or school is hating you, and it’s your fault. Yes… you, unfortunately.

A splendid video by Vsauce explains another part of our human mind, that we are more responsive to exotic, personal, erratic, or dramatic threats. The video contains an interesting world where in 1 of 18,750 harmless cigarettes there would be dynamite, therefore causing people to be mortified, killing people in a more exotic way, yet smokers die when they smoke 1 of 18,750 cigarettes, but people still smoke.

According to Emergency Management, most people don’t have an emergency kit or can’t be self-sustained for at least seventy-two hours for an emergency. I wasn’t surprised, as living in a 1st World Country has made us forget about the monsoons or the wars happening around the world, while taking for granted peace and relatively good weather (depends on where you live). I’m pretty sure most Americans live everyday not really worrying about weather or wars or famine, unless you have been watching too many zombie TV shows or movies or you’re preparing for the End Times… Moving away from the apocalypse, I don’t think many people even care about the recently ended wars in the Middle East, as I have sometimes asked my friends if they have been watching the news for terrorists and the wars, but surprisingly people don’t even know the name of the terrorist group responsible for 9/11!

Nigahiga is awesome!

Nigahiga is awesome!

Sometimes I say in my head, “Seriously guys, you don’t even know what our military is fighting for! Do you guys even care about Veterans Day or Memorial Day! You guys makes me wanna !” Don’t worry, I don’t really want to punch anything, but the point is that as Americans, we are lazy and too carefree at times. At school, students aren’t prepared for higher level courses or bad teachers, or even worse, a combination of both. At work, adults have the struggle of trying to constantly find time for friends or family while trying to keep up on the bills or the house.

Speaking of taking blessings for granted, that’s another reason why we aren’t prepared. Since we don’t know how precious something is until it is taken or lost from us, we don’t really think about it. Of course, we have all the emergency plans for disasters and everything, but like I said before, most people aren’t really prepared. The point is that we aren’t mentally prepared for disasters and as shown by a Greek ferry accident, people become chaotic in disasters and fight to survive.

~Martin (Loquacious Magpie)

On another note, why doesn’t Alan and Dennis have 2 usernames as well? O.o



2 thoughts on “I Bet You That Most People Aren’t Prepared For Life

    • I tried to tell him, sir. Haha. Honestly, I don’t think there’s really any teacher that’s a “bad teacher” because each and every teacher has their own way of teaching things. I often hear students complaining about how one (or more) of their teachers can’t teach. When I had been assigned to a certain math teacher, I remember countless upperclassmen telling me to transfer out of that teacher’s class because all that teacher does is make math confusing for one because of her pointless explanations. Honestly, I was scared to go into her class. How will I do? Will I really get a low grade? And I finished with an A in the end. However, the class’ average was around a B-, so as an excuse, students blame the teacher for failing to teach them. I did not think that my math teacher taught as bad as everyone thought. Was her way of teaching different though? Yes. Of course. But as high school students, we should not expect everything to be spoon-fed to us. That’s exactly what my math teacher didn’t do. She posed a question and let us figure out the question ourselves, and near the end of the period, we went over the problem. And it went fine. If we did not understand the night’s homework, we usually went over some problems in class if there was time. The students then use the excuse of the teacher not going over their problem as the reason why they were unable to do it. However, the teacher was there during lunch, after school, and sometimes in the mornings. I got my help from her during needed times, and I learned to teach myself the material. For that, I am glad (well, the only part I didn’t really like was the homework but who does) that I had that teacher first semester because she made me a better and stronger student, intellectually and mentally.
      In the previous paragraph, I mentioned how my math teacher’s way of teaching was different, and high students usually don’t like “different.” They want everything to be the same like the way it’s always been. But life isn’t that way. Life isn’t spoon-fed to you carefully step-by-step. No. Life is just thrown at you, and you have to face it head-on.
      One of the most unique classes I’ve ever taken was my English Honors class during sophomore year. Walking into the room on my first day of school, I knew right away that this wasn’t the typical English Honors class. The teacher turned out to be really different as well. He preferred that instead of annotating a book or taking piles of notes, we instead interpreted the classics we read through visualization (like photos and drawings). That teacher was the main reason why we (Alan, Martin, and I) started this blog in the first place. A teacher having his students write weekly blog posts instead of “the normal (and boring) writing”! Could you imagine? What did this allow me to do? With the blog posts, I was able to write about what I wanted to write; about what I was passionate about. I wasn’t being forced to write anything I didn’t want to write. It was the perfect opportunity for me to find my comfort zone within writing. And so, for the first time in like ever, I found myself looking forward to English on our Blogging Wednesdays.
      Yet why? Why were students against these methods? “Oh, this isn’t English.” Oh but it was. It’s just that they were unable to accept something different because of what their mind was accustomed to.
      Thomas Carlyle had said something like: “The one who is able to influence others through emotions and visuals is much more important that the one who simply teaches reason.” The style that this teacher of mine had used taught me to learn to reach my own conclusions and to follow my beliefs and be firm with them, not allowing what others believe to hurt my opinions.
      “Just make sure what you’re doing today is worth it, because then what’s the point in tomorrow?”
      ~ Dennis “Double-Reeded Warrior”

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