Everyone’s entitled to a “writer’s block” post. —But this isn’t it.

Every time. Every time I begin to write a blog post. Each and every single time, I have to first stop and ponder to myself, “Will I have something to write about today? What if today’s the day I pull my get-out-of-jail-free card? Will I use the writer’s block post today? Dang it, I’m hungry aga—”

Something along those lines.


So then, I finally got around to thinking about this “writer’s blog post”, or WBP. (It’s harder than you think to make a funny anagram.) How many times can we use this type of post? Of course people are going to get bored of it, annoyed, enraged, hulkified, murderous, arsony, and mad— but from time to time, is it alright to have a writer’s block post? The most easy thing to do, of course, is to delay writing any post until you get a really awesome idea. I’m all about awesome ideas, but I rarely find myself writing them down, because work. ew.

The other way of going about it is to set yourself up with a schedule, with a blog post released every Tuesday or so, but schedules. ew. I’ve tried making schedules, but every now and then (every time.) I slip up, and I go back to not posting for a looooooooooooooooong period of time.

Of course, I wouldn’t know how long long is. Five minutes feels like hours. Everyone disagrees. Psh.

AND THEN THE EPIPHANY STRUCK. HALLELUJAH, I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER. I’d write a post about writer’s block that in no way relates to me having a writer’s block. Loopholes. Holes. Gotta love holes.

On an unrelated tangent, my memory always seems to fail me when it’s necessary. Just yesterday, I forgot I had been eating like a thousand hi-chews, and I was like, why am I eating all these hi-chews? But of course, I remember the pythagorean theorem.



At this point, I’m just hoping I can find some idea out of the blue and force myself to write about it, since I know I need some discipline. That, or I can post some nostalgic, childhood type thing. That usually works out.




Yeah, I should also work on sticking to the topic. But, I mean, come on, it’s me.






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