I Prefer to Listen to Japanese Music While Working

I’m a man of all different types of music. Pop, hip-hop, rap, R&B, soul, and occasionally even country. You name it. And as a budding otaku, I am also into calmer modern Japanese music (not classical, that’s probably the one genre—I can’t even—). So I find myself listening to anime OPs and EDs and various other J-music while working, whether it’d be homework or paperwork or among other stuff. But why?

Japanese music is not only actual quality music, but I also usually don’t understand a single word of it. And how is that in any way good?

It’s common to hear that listening to music with lyrics while doing another assignment is not efficient because the assignment that you’re doing will likely have words as well, meaning that the probability of you taking in that info while listening to that song wouldn’t be very high. Although, that is when you listen to a song with lyrics you understand. Japanese music, however, has lyrics that I can not understand, so then it basically becomes a part of the instrumental to me.

It’s a familiar saying that music will help us when we’re doing tasks such as studying, called the “Mozart effect,” which says that there may be a temporal boost to us on tasks called “spacial-temporal reasoning,” an ability to think long-term and intellectually to rational problems. It is only applied to the right type of music though, so pop-listeners, take note. Right type of music usually refers to classical, or electronic beats (no dubstep please). But in my case, my J-music.

Well, it’s said that the human brain can not multitask, instead just switch back and forth between tasks rapidly. I wholefully agree with that statement. During my early high school years, I found myself listening to popular American pop music, and my performance on work wasn’t as quick because part of me wanted to sing-along with the lyrics. I was essentially just playing the music in my head while listening to the song at the same time. Was I really gonna legitly study history while doing that? Don’t think so.

But what’s with that myth? Turns out the human brain only switches between tasks quickly, like I said above. Doing that, according to research, will likely cause more errors during whatever process that you do because you’re not thinking in the right mind. You’re focused on chemistry, then switch to social media, then try to listen to what the rapper in your song is saying, then you see a drawing that you wanna try to mock, then you find a comic story that’s really interesting, then remember that you had chemistry. You look at the book and realize that you don’t remember anything that you learned in the past hour.

Enjoy the music,



4 thoughts on “I Prefer to Listen to Japanese Music While Working

  1. I really like this post because I relate to it! I like listening to Japanese music because of the cute and upbeat melody to keep me working but also not distracting me. This goes for Korean music as well. Whenever I listen to music with lyrics I understand while working, I tend to write down the lyrics I hear instead of my work. I’m glad someone else does this too! I’m not a weirdo heh 🙂


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