Three Funny Things You Should Check Out

I’ll admit it, most of my posts are philosophical and sometimes even boring. For this post I’ll be tackling some funny topics. One of my favorite social media sites is YouTube. I mean, what beats free music and a bunch of unique content? In that giant abyss of unique content, I have always loved the funny YouTubers.


Who is your favorite YouTuber?

One of my favorite ones is mychonny, although his videos can get inappropriate sometimes. Recently though, mychonny has made a web series called “mychonny moves in,” which is surprisingly super funny without being too inappropriate. The web series is about the Asian family moving in with the first Asian Prime Minister of Australia, who is the nephew of the mother of the family. One thing I don’t like is that they don’t give any names to the characters, simply calling them “Mom” or “Dad.” In fact, I didn’t even notice that until writing this! See guys? It’s so funny that I forgot about the names. It’s. That. Funny. Although it is a bit racist at times, if you have seen his other videos you should be fine. The other day, I read an article that discussed comedy in depth and accordng to it this a satire, due to making fun of Asian society. This could also be considered a romantic comedy, as mychonny (John Luc) falls in love with girl named Jessica. I think the reason why it’s so funny is because the concept is original, I haven’t read or seen a comedy where a family moves in with their relative, who is coincidentally the head of the government in whatever place the comedy takes place in.

Is chonnygame dead?

Is chonnygame dead?

Another funny Asian YouTuber is nigahiga, which is actually appropriate most of the time and makes fun of a variety of things, not just Asian life. I guess his comedy is a satire on many various things, from how little sense horror movies have to first world problems. Sometimes though, he’s just doing unexpected things or having extreme ignorance. What I like about nigahiga that separates him from other Youtubers is that more of his videos are long, although not an hour long. The verbal irony is clever, such as saying how the fans always follow the next hot thing, while literally having fans (the machines) to cool himself down. I haven’t seen nigahiga recently, but I believe the best video in recent memory was Expectations vs. Reality: Action Movies.

Lastly, although this applies mostly to kids, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I loved reading it as a kid and I even thought the films were funny, although all of them are considered rotten on Rotten Tomatoes… Hey, what do you expect? Just look at Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Those movies were pretty ugly. Remember this: just read the book. Unless it’s Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. But ninety percent of the time just don’t watch the movie adaptation. Read. The. Reviews. First. Back to the book series, which is probably going to be as long as Magic Tree House one day, I think I loved the series because I could relate to Greg. We’re both lazy and egotistical at times. I don’t really know how to explain why it’s so funny to me, I guess I just love the fact that Jeff Kinney exaggerates life but keeps it realistic enough that you can believe the book from the perspective of a really unlucky kid with first world problems. One thing I don’t get is how the heck is it possible for the story to still be in middle school? I haven’t read the latest ones but I’m assuming Greg Heffley is still in middle school?

~ Martin


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