Catching Up With TV Shows

So it seems like the majority of  the TV shows I’ve been watching just took a break. Whether they’re coming back in April or later on in the month, it’s given me some good binge watching time. So, let’s get right into it. Here are a few shows that I’ve gotten really into, recently.


Let’s do this.

The Flash: There is SO much confusion at the moment. It would seem as though the whole series so far has built up to this next episode, and oh boy, Harrison Wells is going to reveal himself as the Reverse Flash!!! But is there another Reverse Flash? Was Barry a witness to his future self on the night of his mother’s murder? Will Gorilla Grodd finally get a major role in the series? I thought Firestorm was going to stick around for longer, since it seemed like they were building up to it for a while there. But hey, FIREBALLS! EXPLOSIONS! STUFF!


Next episode: March 17


Arrow: When the idea came about that Oliver would become the next Ra’s Al Ghul, I just kind of disregarded it. I understand that there’s going to be some tension on whether or not he’ll consider taking Ra’s place, but I doubt it. As for the ATOM, I thought he was going to play a bigger role in this episode,  perhaps rescuing Oliver from the trap that he walked into, but he just flies around. Eh. With the timeline for the flashback, the separation between the Yamashiros and their child got me interested for what seems to be the first time that episode. In the future, it’s obvious that the Yamashiros survived the ambush, since they’re both present in episode 11, but the child is nowhere to be found? You’d think the child would be reunited with the family. Perhaps they’ll build upon that later on?


via DCTVuniverse

Next episode: March 18


Gotham: I haven’t watched the most recent episode, but the Blind Fortune teller one got me extremely hyped. The teased appearance of the Joker had been wandering around the internet for a while, but when I saw it, I have to say, I was extremely impressed. Cameron Monaghan KILLED it. HOLY COW. The grin, the psychotic undertone of his character, the flip-of-a-switch personality, his laugh —oh boy, his laugh. I got shivers. Right around 3:20 of the video, I was  reminded of Heath Ledger’s Joker. It  was strange to see the resemblance.  With the next episode, and the Red Hood gang, you know that’s just a huge easter egg for the future of this show. The Red Hood gang could be setting up the Joker (hey wait a minute…) or it could eventually inspire a certain Jason Todd? The possibilities are endless.


Next episode: April 13


Fresh off the Boat: It seems to be a very promising show so far, hilarious, and the intro gets me every time. I feel as though I can relate to a lot of what is happening to Eddie Huang, as he begins to grow up, being a child of the late 90’s. Fortunately, this show isn’t on a break, and will be returning next week at its scheduled time.


via SideReel

Next episode: March 10


Constantine: Though the viewers racked in low for this show, I found myself enjoying it, unlike the majority of the audience. I liked the darker feel of the whole story (similar to Supernatural), which was a relief from all of these mainly action-packed shows. Constantine also sticks right with the source comic material, which is a relief for many, though I was never into the character, until the show came out. Unlike all these other heroes, he’s more of an anti-hero, similar to Deadpool, doing as he pleases, and just goes with the flow. The fact that he’s doing these heroic acts more so for himself than others, is very realistic to me, instead of always doing things for others and being completely selfless. As for the plot, at times, yes, it does feel predictable, but like with all shows, at some point, you have a pretty good guess as to what’s going on. Until that twist, that everyone’s been waiting for arrives. With the season finale, it’s unclear whether the show will get a second season, though I’m really hoping it does!!! There’s a petition going around to save Constantine, and the creators recommend also checking out reruns online, which could boost its popularity. Try it out, maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t, but it’s better than just reading about it.


Next episode: Unknown :0


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