What Should You Do On Rainy Days

Don’t you hate the feeling of planning to go to the beach or the park or the Tet festival and then it rains?

One second you say ,”Let’s go to the ______today!” but then you look outside and say “Oh no…, my rain coat is in the washer!” Humor aside, depending on where you live, you probably have developed a strong emotion towards rain. If you live in India, then you probably think rain is the worst thing that has ever happened to you. If you live in California, then you probably think rain is like a toy you play with. Whether you hate it or you love it, most likely you won’t spend the entire day outside when it’s pouring like a waterfall outside. Last week, when it was raining, I spent the day watching a movie called The Magnificent Seven, which I believe is based off Seven Samurai. It was a pretty good movie and I recommend it if you like American western movies.

I would like to try to ride a horse

I would like to try to ride a horse

Now what other movies could you watch? Of course, there is a Fave Movie list on this blog you could check out, but if you want to see movies rated very high by thousands of people, check out IMDb Top 250 movies. Other things to do is to is check out some great TV shows like Person of Interest or Flash, or if you’re like me and Alan, use this temporary break to get caught up on your TV shows. Since waiting always sucks, you could also try out the DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Personally, my favorite is probably Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Part 1. If you’re time sensitive, try some free apps like Temple Run: Oz, which was free this week until Thursday, or Spider-Man Unlimited if you want some quick fun. Look. Out. For. In-app purchases!  I don’t usually play console games very often, but I recommend popular games like League of Legends or Pokémon so you something in common with your friends. You could also try some songs, such as Take Me To Church. And don’t forget, you could always try blogging!

If you play Spider-Man Unlimited, try the events for the Spider-Verse special!

If you play Spider-Man Unlimited, try the events for the Spider-Verse special!

So what if you don’t have money or the electricity is out? Well, get out a flashlight and light a candle, because we’re going to be reading books! Yes, I know, this sounds very lame, but with our busy lives, we don’t read anymore. Also, Alan, Dennis, and I are going to make a book share soon, so I suggest you guys should follow that as soon as it comes out. Now don’t read Fifty Shades of Grey, instead read some classics, such as the Count of Monte Cristo or The Giver. Both of those books have movies by the way. You should also try making a story, and if you can, with your friends. Lastly, if you want to amaze your friends or start Sunday Sketches like this blog, practice your drawing skills. While waiting for Arrow, the Flash, Avengers: Age of Ultron, or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, try to some comics such as the famous The Dark Knight Returns.  Maybe you could go to an indoor court to play basketball or a gym to workout?

Don't spoil it for me!

Don’t spoil it for me!

You may say,” I’m not allowed to do anything unproductive by my parents!” or “I was just about to go to work but it got cancelled.” Well, who says you can’t be productive? Maybe you should use this time to get some studying and homework done early for students or adults can get some family time with their loved ones. I suggest that the entire family may clean up the inside of the house as a sweet bonding experience. I mean, do you seriously want to clean up the possible mess made by the wind and rain outside as well as inside the house by the time the storm has passed? Lastly, if you don’t have work to be done, and I mean you don’t know about any past work that needed to be done or present work due tomorrow or future work you knew was coming up, just get some sleep, unless there’s so much thunder lightning outside that your house shakes. Well… I guess you could use some earplugs?

Looks like Thor came back.

Looks like Thor came back.

Credits go to “sethink” from pixabay for the lightning image

~Martin (Loquacious Magpie) By the way, did you know loquacious means talkative?


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