Students Need Less Homework (well, at least for math…and maybe even history)

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I remember back in my Precalculus class during my sophomore year, my teacher often inundated my life with loads of math homework. It made me absolutely dread Precalculus. However, homework was due the day after our test, and me, being in the school’s band (more than 20 hours of my life were taken away each week) and extremely lazy, never finished any of the homework (I had like less than a quarter of it done before the test) until the day of the test (I did it after), pulling all-nighter

Ever heard of the saying, “Due tomorrow, do tomorrow”?

That was me.

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I mean, seriously, it was freaking math! Why the (enter whatever word you want) would you do 1.5 hrs of homework everyday, when you can get the lesson in like 2 per example? Without doing most my homework, I managed to average a 97 on my math tests, but my grade was lower because my homework grade was not perfect (it was a bit messy because of my speed [force]). Sure, I still had an A, but my grade would’ve been better if homework didn’t count.

This leads to the question: do we seriously need a lot of homework? It’s clear that the students are able to perform the same with less homework (duh, less homework means less stress and more time for other AP Classes!!!). Why? Because once you understand a concept, you UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT!!!

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Let’s take another class, for example. The AP History classes (AP World History/AP European History…zzz, whatever you took) had at least an hour of homework each day. Wouldn’t it be better to give like just vocabulary as homework and just have kids read AP History for like thirty minutes a day? Wouldn’t students know the material better?

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That may be true, but since reading has never been really required, students will likely do worse. But by doing that, the smart kids will still do well, if not better. The average kids, well, expect Bs and Cs and Ds. But that’s their fault, if you think about it.

And if we had less homework, we would be able to feel more comfortable during participation of after-school activities. I remember during marching band, at almost every single rehearsal, I found myself continually worried about the amount of homework I would have when I got home.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.42.35 PM

At band competitions, I found myself worrying about the next AP History test, At tennis matches, when I wasn’t playing, I usually had a history book in my hands.

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During all of band season, I don’t think I had the chance to eat with family even once, usually eating multiple snacks throughout homework instead of having an actual dinner. The constant pressure of Asian parents on the student had caused me to be like that in high school…

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.41.28 PM

For math, I was lucky to transfer to a different teacher second semester, who gave me the right amount of homework. I was always a day behind on homework though…but whatever. Still got an A. Who cares about homework?



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