Why Education Is Sometimes Painful

According to Dr. Tae, “Learning is NOT fun.”

You know, writing these blog posts have made me think of my English class. I remembered once how my English teacher said that the grading policy needed to be changed because it was arbitrary and that more As should have been given out. The funny thing was, I heard one of my friends actually said that the grading policy should stay the same but then my English teacher “roasted” him. That incident got me thinking, should our education system stay the same or change? Now, on that same day, my English teacher told us to read someone’s else experience and apply it in a letter to the board to change the grading policy so it would be more fair. Now the thing is, both me and my partner’s experiences weren’t so bad. Well, at least we weren’t super sleep deprived and on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Should the grading scale be changed?

Should the grading scale be changed?

I honestly don’t know what to say about the grading policy, but I think it’s mostly alright. When we complain about school, unless you have like more than 3 AP/honor classes or have many extracurricular activities or both, most likely we’re just really lazy. I mean, sometimes education does get in the way of our lives, such as when we want to go to the school football game but you have to do essays, math, or whatever you need to do. However, this argument could be applied to a lot of things. For instance, chores could also not allow you to go to that football game, but chores aren’t hated as much as education, right? I mean not to sound like a teacher’s pet or anything, but education is needed, it keeps people calm and can even make people responsible, such as group projects or sport teams. It isn’t easy, unless you choose to have the minimum amount of classes, choose easy ones, and not get involved, but when our muscles grow, is that any easier? Sure, it dominates your life and forces you to sacrifice things such as video games, social media, TV, or sleeping too much to get straight As or go to your dream school. The thing is, I believe that the reason why school is so freaking busy is because since you will eventually become an adult, you will have to be used to being busy all the time.

How much time do chores take up for you?

How much time do chores take up for you?

As an adult, you have to take care of your family, your house, your health, and pretty much everything else your parents provided for you. When you think about it, parents must have a strong will in order to do the things they do. I mean, most parents work endlessly for their kids, with seemingly no reward behind it. So yeah, education is painful, but it has some clear rewards at least, correct? Yes, your teachers may be lazy or you have the hardest classes in the school, but in a way it’s your fault. You could at least try to transfer out or get a tutor if you don’t have the greatest teacher in the world and you shouldn’t be taking the hardest classes in the school if you know you’re not smart enough. Really, the only true reason why education would suck to people is that colleges are competitive and you have to take these classes that are too hard for you. I mean, if this is your problem, well… just suck it up and try to do as well as you can. I know that colleges may be a bit too strict, but from my perspective I believe colleges are difficult to get into because we all know we just really want to make money after college, and the colleges want the best of the best to fill the jobs of the nation.

How many of those are Ivy League colleges?

How many of these are Ivy League colleges?

Personally, like I said in my last blog post, my problem with education wasn’t procrastination by video games or TV, but simply the fact that I couldn’t do my work fast enough. Sometimes I thought, “Ugh, I have got a project due tomorrow, a test the day after that, and volunteering—?” Honestly though that’s my problem and our education system isn’t to blame. Looking back, I wonder how different I would have done in school if I always had a sense of urgency to mentally improve myself when I was younger. What that means is always trying in school, paying more attention, and hanging out with the right crowd. That’s another point I would like to add: our culture might suppress our true intelligence or potential. I remember reading somewhere saying that kids shouldn’t play games or watch TV for more than 2 hours a day, but I’m pretty sure a lot of kids do more than that on the weekends, although some will argue that video games have health benefits. The problem of the idea of benefits with gaming is that if you really enjoy video games, most likely you will do so outside of the recommended time limit.  So, presented with all this information, do you think it’s the education system that needs to change, or do we need to?

Hopefully video games help our army relieve stress!

Hopefully video games help our army relieve stress!


Credits to Ludraman, Tomwsulcer, US National Archives bot and BotMultichillT from Wikipedia Commons for the images.


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