How To Bond In Your Community

The other day my friends and I came up with ways to bond together through sharing music, videos, and games with each other and our friends. Now I thought, how do I bring my community together? Or the entire nation? Okay, the entire nation is a bit of a stretch. But it does bring up an important point: how connected are we? You might say, “Well, with phones with us 24/7 and our data plans, we’re always connected.” I beg to differ though. For instance, you might have 1000 Facebook friends, but perhaps they are people you just met once or people you needed to talk to such as in college or at work. I also remember once how my teacher asked if the students knew their neighbors, and I think most people, including the teacher and me, didn’t have a close bond with their neighbors. The point he was trying to make was that the Mayans or some other, ancient culture in the Americas had a good relationship with their neighbors in the villages and how life had changed over time.

Then I realized, we may know people who live blocks, cities, or even states or countries away from us, but a lot of us don’t even know our next door neighbors.



Hmm… I haven’t watched ABC in awhile. Should I go back or no?


So what ways can we fix this problem? I do remember reading somewhere that religion brings communities together and those without it are less connected with their community. That, however, has two problems. First of all, it only works if everyone in the community has the same religion and second, not everyone is religious or even has one. So I’m not excluding anyone with this, but I think religion is a great way to bring people together, but it might not be necessary for a bonding experience. The next step, the Internet. Unfortunately, this is more for people who have the money for it and have the time for it, but still, there are over 3 billion people using it. Now since you won’t be bonding through researching papers or watching Vines, we’ll go to social media. First of all, I would recommend Facebook, as it has 1.44 billion monthly active users so it’s easy to find some friends there, but it is a time-waster. Second, I would choose Skype, as it is the harder to get distracted by it, other than the fact that you’re talking to someone face to face but you can always turn off webcam or mute.


Skype is way better for studying than Facebook


What else? Sports. Although I’m not a sports fan, I know that it unites people across the globe and sometimes I enjoy playing them also. Not much to say, poor and rich people can play it, heck, disabled people can play them! If you’re a kid at school and want to have more fun with your friends, you can always go try some clubs. Although this may only apply to family or work or school, I would also recommend holidays. There are music, food, decorations, and rituals (if it is a religious holiday) that make holidays a memorable experience. On a more negative note, disasters, natural or man-made, can bring us together in sympathy for those who just had their lives turned upside down, sometimes literally. Recently, the disaster in Nepal has brought many people around the world by the various agencies asking donations for it.

Don't worry, I'll be donating to Nepal as well

Don’t worry, I’ll be donating to Nepal as well

In the Bible, according to Jesus, “The second [commandment] is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” Whether you’re a Christian or not, I think it’s a good commandment to follow by, but unfortunately I’m not sure how we’re supposed to do that when we don’t even know the names of our next door neighbors. I find it necessary to bond so that no one feels left out and gets bullied. I mean not only is it good to go bond with the people close to you and the people around globe to prevent bullying or simply to love our neighbor, but this can also help fight crime. I mean, can you imagine if you just found out that your neighbor was a thief or a killer from the police even though you have been living in the same neighborhood for years? We really should kept our friends close and our enemies closer, huh.

Credits go to ABC, Microsoft, and Krish Dulal on Wikipedia Commons for the images.




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