Nostalgia Part Two.

Last weekend, I finally reunited with the beach, after years of staying at home like a neet in front of my computer all day.


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What Direction Are The Batman Movies Headed In?

Why should there be a Batman Beyond movie?

This video sums it up pretty well.

First off, Will states that the repetitive uprising of Bruce Wayne is intense, heartbreaking, and critical to the legacy of the Batman, but it is EXACTLY what it is: repetitive.

“Aw man.”

Will points out that we should look to the future of Batman, to introduce new storylines, characters, and lead in to future projects. How many reboots are we going to see before that introduction to Bruce Wayne gets old on us? It varies from person, to person, but in the long run, we’ll be seeing the same material remixed over and over again.

Secondly, if we look to the future, there’s an unlimited amount of possibilities. With the new universe, there’s so many technological advances that could be used in a film. The gear is amped up and ready to go.

There’s plenty of cool effects that could replace jumping across rooftops, grappling hooks, and the classic batsuit. Actually, those were all pretty cool. But they could be improved on…I mean, wouldn’t you like to see rocket boots, an invisible stealth mode, etc.? I mean, he’s like a regular Iron Man. Oh right. Wrong universe.


Lastly, we can take a peek into where Bruce Wayne ends up, rather than his beginning, as with all the other Batman movies. Old-man Bruce mentors Terry McGinnis into taking his mantle as the Batman. I’d like to watch the awkward father-son relationship develop between the two as they struggle to learn from each other. Considering how Bruce is a father figure for many of his crime fighting sidekicks, just imagine him trying to teaching a clone of himself. Yeah, he has free will and all that, but Terry is the genetic copy of Bruce Wayne himself. That’s pretty awesome.

I’m down for another Batman movie. I think we all are. However, the direction it goes in is crucial. Are we willing to sit down and watch the same tragic back story for another reboot? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s see how the Justice League goes, and from there, we can decide whether we like it, or not.


The Awful Handshake That We’ve All Been Through…and some facts about memory.

Watching this video gave me one of those nostalgic “Hey-That-Happened-To-Me” feels, because I went through the exact same experience. Ahem.

It was an unnamed date at an unnamed time in an unnamed year, when I was walking to one of my classes. I saw my friend, and it was obvious that he saw me, for he did the casual nod in my general direction. He was wearing a jacket that was way too big for his hands. The sleeves wrapped over his fingers so I couldn’t tell what he was trying to do, but he held his hand out. I assumed it was going to be a handshake, but little did I know he had held out his fist, and I wasn’t prepared to be fisted. Our hands collided, and I don’t know if he noticed, but I haven’t asked him since. I waddled off like a penguin that had just been slapped in the face.

Oh dear.

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