What Makes Characters Likeable? (Part I)

So recently, as most of y’all know, the Fate/stay night anime has been airing as a remake by Ufotable, using the Unlimited Blade Works story route. Now, I never really watched the old Fate/stay night because after watching the first episode, I instantly hated how there was nothing interesting going on, and the animation wasn’t of the best quality either. But Fate/Zero, a sorta prequel to Fate/stay night, was probably one of the best animes I’ve ever watched, with excellent animation and solid story. My favorite character in that show was Waver, and what made him really likeable was the fact that he was relatable. That’s the reason why people are able to talk about their favorite characters so much; they can relate. However, relatability is not the only reason why people like their characters the way they do, and I’m going to discuss it through this post.



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