Analyzing “Split” by Swati Avasthi


So a couple months ago, I was reading this book, Split, by Swati Avasthi for an English class of mine. I, without a doubt, enjoyed the book I was reading. Here’s my analysis that I wrote:

Split is an award-winning, realistic fiction book written by Swati Avasthi. The book has a total number of 280 pages, and it could be found in our school library. The story focuses mainly on two brothers, Jace and Christian Witherspoon. After years of suffering from abuse from his father, Jace eventually runs away from home like his older brother did before. Finding himself, bruised and tattered, at Christian’s doorsteps, Christian decides to take him in because he is family. Along with new identities and new friends, the story centers on the two brothers settling into a better life while trying to figure a way to rescue someone that has been unable to escape from the wrath of their enemy for years: their mother. However, they are left with a devastating answer. This report will focus on one of the primary protagonists, Jace Witherspoon, a significant event, and the overall theme that the author is trying to convey. Continue reading


The Oedipus Cycle: Are our fates really set in stone?

“For all are not created in equal condition; rather, eternal life is fore-ordained for some, eternal damnation for others.”

John Calvin

Is this really it? We have no choice in choosing or path? That if we were meant to be unsuccessful, we will be no matter what we do? So say that a boy named Max’s fate is to end up poor and suffering. He chooses to lie around all day and never work hard or put effort into anything. Then, of course he will end up in poverty. But what if Max chooses to work hard, and he makes it rich in the business industry. However, he could then meet a girl who takes advantage of him and his money, leading him to alcohol and depression, which then leads to failure in work. Losing his job will likely render him unemployed for the rest of his life, thus ending up in the same fate he was supposed to be in. Continue reading