What is it about random humor that captivates our attention?

“Happiness comes from within. That’s why it feels good to fart.” -Unknown

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Three More Funny Things You Should Check Out

I remember back in my Health class awhile ago my teacher was discussing defense mechanisms. One thing he said was that laughing was one type of defense mechanism. What happened a couple days later proved that statement. He was talking about how some parents (especially Asian) always wanted their kids to get straight As but then he said that Bs were alright and above average. One kid in the class started to nerviously laugh when he said that (he was Asian by the way). I also was thinking in my mind how outrageous that statement was but I guess Bs are alright if you’re taking honors/AP classes or have sports, band, or whatever extracurricular activity you have or even worse, a combination of both. The point of this story is that we could all use more humor in our lives. So let’s hope I make your day 🙂 .

Hopefully the wind won't blow away your papers kid!

Hopefully the wind won’t blow away your papers kid!

Introducing the iPhone 5S. In fact, I think that’s his only video that reached over a million views! Now you may be asking, “So what? One video doesn’t really matter.” Well, think of it as a grabber for a really awesome channel. I feel like he deserves more views, as he is clever in his humor while not being super inappropriate. A lot of his videos are funny rants, some serious and some humorous. I would consider his videos as satire, as they make fun of various things in society, especially Apple. Or you could see some as a farce, such as Sound Effects in Real Life. However, I don’t like Q&A videos and unfortunately there are a lot of those on his channel…

Secondly, although this could be considered action, Video Game High School. The plot is a gamer named Brian Doheny beats a very famous player named “The Law,” who is an international  first-person shooter star. He goes to a place called Video Game High School and makes friends and enemies and finds love. Although I didn’t like the last season (unfortunately I didn’t have the time to finish it), I found this to be a pretty great action series but some concepts seem science fiction to me. If you ask me, it’s mostly action, but I think the last season had a good amount of humor, such as the detective work or partying. Out of the three seasons, the second is my favorite. My favorite character is BrianD, although sometimes he is a bit crazy in the series, but in the end everyone shows their dark side. BrianD is just a good video game player and is, for me, the most calm person on the show. I wouldn’t mind if Rocket Jump made Field of Fire an actual game though. You could consider this as a farce or a romantic comedy, but I just see it as an action web series. Fun fact: did you know Jenny and Brian are married in real life? Real love, guys, real love right there.

Lastly, Modern Family. Unfortunately, this is another TV show I couldn’t finish with my busy life. This is a mockumentary about three different families and how they interact. If you ask me, this is my favorite out of these three right here. This show always keeps a focus, which are the families and their interactions. Sure, Matthias usually makes fun of Apple products, but a majority of his videos are totally random, although it does give more fresh content. Video Game High School, is well, for video gamers mostly. Modern Family explores many different types of people, from gay to lesbian to typical American family to Latino and other people as well. The families go to different environments, such as birthday parties, golf courses, the American West, and many other places. In my opinion, the most entertaining family is Jay’s family, as the conflicting cultures always create some funny tension. This is a satire on American life and the different peoples it holds. There are romantic moments, involving kids and adults, so you could see this a romantic comedy.

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Three Funny Things You Should Check Out

I’ll admit it, most of my posts are philosophical and sometimes even boring. For this post I’ll be tackling some funny topics. One of my favorite social media sites is YouTube. I mean, what beats free music and a bunch of unique content? In that giant abyss of unique content, I have always loved the funny YouTubers.


Who is your favorite YouTuber?

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Everyone’s entitled to a “writer’s block” post. —But this isn’t it.

Every time. Every time I begin to write a blog post. Each and every single time, I have to first stop and ponder to myself, “Will I have something to write about today? What if today’s the day I pull my get-out-of-jail-free card? Will I use the writer’s block post today? Dang it, I’m hungry aga—”

Something along those lines.


So then, I finally got around to thinking about this “writer’s blog post”, or WBP. (It’s harder than you think to make a funny anagram.) How many times can we use this type of post? Of course people are going to get bored of it, annoyed, enraged, hulkified, murderous, arsony, and mad— but from time to time, is it alright to have a writer’s block post? The most easy thing to do, of course, is to delay writing any post until you get a really awesome idea. I’m all about awesome ideas, but I rarely find myself writing them down, because work. ew.
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I don’t even


I remember one of the earliest memories is when I proclaimed loudly to the world, “I’m Spider-man!” before ripping open my jacket to reveal my suit, and then jumping off of a skyscraper, but realized my web fluid wasn’t working and I hit the ground with a sharp crunch.

-I was in the first grade.

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So there’s this guy with a peach head who’s strolling down a street and another man walks by and asks, “Why do you have a peach head?”

“Funny story.” The Peach man says.

“I was walking along a street similar to this one, when I met a genie who was prepared to grant me three wishes. I was psyched, but I didn’t know if he was legit, so I tentatively asked him for my first wish: To get a million bucks. So sure enough, a man with a briefcase walks by and says,’You’ve won a million dollars. Congratulations.’ He left me the briefcase and it was clearly a million bucks. I was amazed that the genie was legit and I asked for my second wish. I wanted a hot chick for my wife. Sure enough, Jennifer Lawrence walked by and told me, ‘We’re going to Vegas to get married.’ After that, I had one last wish. I pondered and pondered for days, and finally, I told the genie, “I wish for a peach head.”

End of story.