How To Bond In Your Community

The other day my friends and I came up with ways to bond together through sharing music, videos, and games with each other and our friends. Now I thought, how do I bring my community together? Or the entire nation? Okay, the entire nation is a bit of a stretch. But it does bring up an important point: how connected are we? You might say, “Well, with phones with us 24/7 and our data plans, we’re always connected.” I beg to differ though. For instance, you might have 1000 Facebook friends, but perhaps they are people you just met once or people you needed to talk to such as in college or at work. I also remember once how my teacher asked if the students knew their neighbors, and I think most people, including the teacher and me, didn’t have a close bond with their neighbors. The point he was trying to make was that the Mayans or some other, ancient culture in the Americas had a good relationship with their neighbors in the villages and how life had changed over time.

Then I realized, we may know people who live blocks, cities, or even states or countries away from us, but a lot of us don’t even know our next door neighbors.


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How To Manage Your Time Properly

I often have trouble remembering the things I read that should be considered important, such as history, or vocabulary in various classes. It gave me…a feeling that I wouldn’t like to feel. A feeling of being…lost. Once, my teacher had given the class a book that started off an a nice and slow pace.  However, all of a sudden, he started to assign around a dozen or more chapters in a few days and said he might do reading checks as well. At that very moment a thought came up in my mind: “So this is what an Honors English class is like.” The main point of my predicament is that when you get older, it’s not always fun and games anymore, and, unfortunately, you have to use every minute wisely.

Typical studious Asian

Typical studious Asian

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What Should You Do On Rainy Days

Don’t you hate the feeling of planning to go to the beach or the park or the Tet festival and then it rains?

One second you say ,”Let’s go to the ______today!” but then you look outside and say “Oh no…, my rain coat is in the washer!” Humor aside, depending on where you live, you probably have developed a strong emotion towards rain. If you live in India, then you probably think rain is the worst thing that has ever happened to you. If you live in California, then you probably think rain is like a toy you play with. Whether you hate it or you love it, most likely you won’t spend the entire day outside when it’s pouring like a waterfall outside. Last week, when it was raining, I spent the day watching a movie called The Magnificent Seven, which I believe is based off Seven Samurai. It was a pretty good movie and I recommend it if you like American western movies.

I would like to try to ride a horse

I would like to try to ride a horse

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I Bet You That Most People Aren’t Prepared For Life

Last week, there was something that I knew was coming, but due to a variety of factors, I was completely unprepared and failed my task. After that, I was more depressed than I had been in awhile. I also hadn’t felt so stupid in such a long time. I realized that maybe most of us aren’t as prepared as we thought. For instance, many people don’t have a basement, yet a basement is where you’re supposed to go when there is a twister or a tornado. Now it’s fine if there are rarely tornadoes where you reside, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe.

I wonder what's like to be a storm watcher?

I wonder what’s like to be a storm watcher?

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You Have No Idea About My Needs

“So Dennis, if I asked you what you need, what would tell me?”

“Food, water, and shelter. And mucho dinero. Gotta stay stocked up on my comics and anime. And there, my life is fulfilled.”

“I see. Nothing important.”

“Or nah.”


I remember that I’ve had many happy moments in my life, but I also remember that the happiness lasted only a limited time. Getting a report card with straight As is great, right? Well, I started to think about all the struggles I had to go through to make it to that very moment. Doesn’t seem so great anymore, right?

An equivalent of that feeling is passing by some cute girl and fantasizing about her, then realizing that you’ll never know her name and likely never see her again. Whoa…

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Plato’s “I’m Stuck In A Cave…again.” -Now with 8-bit animation.

Have you ever stopped to ponder if there was something beyond what we know to be real? In Plato’s point of view, for all we know, we could be seeing the essence of something, or, just a fragment of it, i.e. a shadow. Imagine being in a cave, staring at a shadow of something, or in the video, a sword. What would happen if we were to be able to turn around, and discover the truth: That the shadow is not real, and in actuality, that it’s just a figment of the actual item.

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