You Have No Idea About My Needs

“So Dennis, if I asked you what you need, what would tell me?”

“Food, water, and shelter. And mucho dinero. Gotta stay stocked up on my comics and anime. And there, my life is fulfilled.”

“I see. Nothing important.”

“Or nah.”


I remember that I’ve had many happy moments in my life, but I also remember that the happiness lasted only a limited time. Getting a report card with straight As is great, right? Well, I started to think about all the struggles I had to go through to make it to that very moment. Doesn’t seem so great anymore, right?

An equivalent of that feeling is passing by some cute girl and fantasizing about her, then realizing that you’ll never know her name and likely never see her again. Whoa…

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The Potential of Everyone Varies / Understanding Asian Parents / High Achievers / Why Akame ga Kill! Was Really Bad

NOTE: If you were looking to read about Akame ga Kill!, you can scroll past the talk about Asians and students and stuff.

“Not all people are clever.”

Clearly. That’s why there are many different type of people in this world. Why there are people that have super high IQs and those with ones that range down to…you know what I mean. Not everyone can be doctors or lawyers or businessmen; we all have a different purpose in society. The smarter people at the higher points of society, with those who can’t perform as well at the other parts. Or you could view the quote as “not everyone shares the same potential.”

Please don’t be offended for what I am about to talk about. I am not saying that you are not smart in any way. I am going to talk about how every single person in this world has a different potential, so Asian parents, or maybe parents in general, should realize the potential of their own child, not what they want their child to be. They continue a belief of “if my friend’s child can do it, why can’t you?” Continue reading

Opinions Mean Nothing / Asians / What is Fun?

“Opinions mean nothing; they may be beautiful or ugly, clever or foolish, anyone can embrace or reject them.”

Whatever you say, no one could really care less. It’s not their problem, so deal with your own problems. Geez man, figure it out. Sorta reminds me of that recent Big Sean song…

You know what? Most opinions don’t even mean anything, so don’t think that anything that you say will mean anything to me. Just kidding.

So, when would opinions matter? Well, of course when certain words that come out of your mouth manage to somewhat influence someone, then your opinion would mean something. And vise versa, when no one gives a damn about what you have to say, then that’s where the “opinions mean nothing” part comes in.

So when exactly do opinions mean nothing? When the Asian child tries to talk to his or her parents. I, being Asian, have very much first-hand experience. Asian parents are very stubborn and almost never agree to negotiating to anything. Continue reading

Death’s Effects On A Young Child / Rain and Funerals

Recently, someone that I knew had passed away. Even though I didn’t know her that well, I still felt a sorrow somewhat for her, mainly because she had left behind a six-year old boy and a loving husband. Apparently, the cause of death was an overdose of sleeping pills, and supposedly along with depression as well. Everyone who knew her told me that the husband cared about her very much, but if he really did, how did she end up depressed? But I can’t say much, and considering how I’m not part of the family, so my details about the death are very vague.


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The Oedipus Cycle: Are our fates really set in stone?

“For all are not created in equal condition; rather, eternal life is fore-ordained for some, eternal damnation for others.”

John Calvin

Is this really it? We have no choice in choosing or path? That if we were meant to be unsuccessful, we will be no matter what we do? So say that a boy named Max’s fate is to end up poor and suffering. He chooses to lie around all day and never work hard or put effort into anything. Then, of course he will end up in poverty. But what if Max chooses to work hard, and he makes it rich in the business industry. However, he could then meet a girl who takes advantage of him and his money, leading him to alcohol and depression, which then leads to failure in work. Losing his job will likely render him unemployed for the rest of his life, thus ending up in the same fate he was supposed to be in. Continue reading