Students Need Less Homework (well, at least for math…and maybe even history)

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I remember back in my Precalculus class during my sophomore year, my teacher often inundated my life with loads of math homework. It made me absolutely dread Precalculus. However, homework was due the day after our test, and me, being in the school’s band (more than 20 hours of my life were taken away each week) and extremely lazy, never finished any of the homework (I had like less than a quarter of it done before the test) until the day of the test (I did it after), pulling all-nighter

Ever heard of the saying, “Due tomorrow, do tomorrow”?

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Y r we so lz?

Why do people procrastinate so much? Why do people wait to the very last second to do a blog post, based on an idea that they got a second before the very last second?


.Hesiod once said, “Work is no disgrace: it is idleness which is a disgrace.” And this is wayyyy back in the late 700 B.C’s, which means that people have long been procrastinating. Then again, he also said, “Whoever has trusted a woman has trusted deceivers.” Then again, I’m using BrainyQuote. So, what do I know?

Did that picture have anything to do with Greece? No. No it didn’t.

I just like Back to the Future.


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Everyone’s entitled to a “writer’s block” post. —But this isn’t it.

Every time. Every time I begin to write a blog post. Each and every single time, I have to first stop and ponder to myself, “Will I have something to write about today? What if today’s the day I pull my get-out-of-jail-free card? Will I use the writer’s block post today? Dang it, I’m hungry aga—”

Something along those lines.


So then, I finally got around to thinking about this “writer’s blog post”, or WBP. (It’s harder than you think to make a funny anagram.) How many times can we use this type of post? Of course people are going to get bored of it, annoyed, enraged, hulkified, murderous, arsony, and mad— but from time to time, is it alright to have a writer’s block post? The most easy thing to do, of course, is to delay writing any post until you get a really awesome idea. I’m all about awesome ideas, but I rarely find myself writing them down, because work. ew.
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Valentine’s Day isn’t for a month whatwasIthinking

It was second grade, on a cold Valentine’s Day. I was passing out cards to everyone, not that they cared, but I had attached candy to the cards. They all cared now. Such power, much wow. It’s not like they knew I ate most of the candy the day beforehand. I would’ve eaten them all, but I decided there needed to be enough candy left for the cards.


Anyways, I sat there gnawing on my own candy stash, and a boy walked up to me. He handed me my card back.

In place of the cheesy quote, which in this case was “hang ten”,

he left me a “Hang in there”, with a dead guy on a noose.



I don’t


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You know what grinds my gears?

As you can see, this post will discuss one of the most serious problems to date: The purchase of in-game currency. DUN DUN DUUUUUN.
We’ve all played those kinds of games. Yeah, those games. You start off with free currency, for a limited amount of time. You think, ‘Hey. I like this game. And free currency? Heck yeah!’ The trap is set. Once you reach a certain level or period of time, reality sets in, and now come all the offers from the game. The game gives you the option to either: wait a billion hours while it replenishes your energy or purchase coins (or whatever the assorted currency may be). And even worse, there’s always some flashy “discount” sign in the menu that says something similar to “Get 5000 Doughnut Bucks and get a BONUS (Extra emphasis on BONUS) 3000 Noodle coins for FREE!!!”. At the time, your minds go, ‘Yeah, it’s only like 10 bucks, and just for that, I can go speed up the construction time for my Doughnut shop!’, but then at some point, everyone realizes that they’re paying for a virtual currency. But, by then, it’s already too late. We’ve given up real money for some virtual coins, just so that we could enjoy some virtual doughnuts and see our virtual profits from our virtual Doughnut shop rise and rise. Virtual, virtual, virtual, BLEH. For a minute or so, it seems as if you’ve dominated the game, but in all the time it took to go enter your paypal info or purchase that one seemingly great “deal”, you could’ve been buying doughnuts in real life- REAL LIFE!!! I know. Isn’t the thought of eating real doughnuts versus virtual doughnuts just absolutely terrifying? Speaking of terrifying…

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