Minions Trailer!

THEY’RE BACK!!! Universal Studios is back with a spin-off for the  most beloved little henchmen ever to exist. It was bound to happen sooner or later with all of the popularity of both the movies and these yellow Minions. Continue reading



First of all, check out these Nerdy, sciencey Halloween jokes, because why not?

Now, onto the main attraction of this post: THE POOP PILLS.

Here’s a link to the article that I’m summarizing:

So, the infection known as C. difficile, which causes severe, continuous diarrhea, approximately kills 14,000 people each year. The solution? Poop pills, of course! The MANURE you know. I actually think this could be part of a new MOVEMENT. Wow. That’s a CRAPPY way to die. Hah. IT butt CRACKS ME UP EVERY TIME.   Okay, I’ll stop. That’s the end of SCAT. I’m trying my best to FORCE IT ALL OUT of my system. Anyways, what typically ensues is a fecal transplant, since it’s the best way to keep a balance of the good germ-fighting microbes in your poop. Continue reading

Upcoming Shows of the Fall (Caution: Minor Spoilers)

It’s Fall again, and new shows and old shows alike are popping up quicker than the bacteria on your phone. Or the pimples on a teenager’s face.


Anyways, there are lots of pilots/new seasons that have just come out, and here’s what I think of some of them. Keep in mind, I am not a comic book expertCaution: Spoilers. Continue reading