Sunday Sketch #16

Scan 33

This week I give you Eren Yeager, from Attack on Titan.

~Dennis wubwubwub


What Makes Characters Likeable? (Part II)

If you’ve been following my blog, I wrote a post last week on this topic. If you can recall, that was only part I. Now to present to y’all with more reasons why we fall for characters, ladies and gentlemen, I present PART II!


Gajeel is the type of character that’s on the road of redemption for his actions and acceptance from the people around him. He’s a wizard that uses Iron Dragon Slayer Magic, one of three taught Dragon Slayers in the story (the other two being Natsu and Wendy), and he used to be a part of the corrupt guild, Phantom. During his time at Phantom, he only hurt the Fairy Tail guild members because Phantom and Fairy Tail were supposed to be enemies. What makes us cheer for these type of characters though? All Gajeel wants are friends and loving family to be around, but he just never shows it to maintain his “tough guy” personality. However, his actions clearly show it, causing viewers to fall for Gajeel, wanting him to be accepted by everyone else. Also, there are Gajeel and Levy shippers everywhere.


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