Hello, I’m Back!: A Timeline of the Happenings During My 1.5 Years of Absence, and the UPDATE of NOW // New Music

Hello, I’m back! From the dead? Haha yes, I pulled a Jason Todd on all of you guys (no, I actually did not die).

Looking back, I haven’t touched this blog since like 2015. And from 2014-15, that was, like, my sophomore year of high school. For those of you who never realized my age, I am now a freshman at UCLA. I honestly wonder if any of my followers will actually remember that I used to use this blog to post one and a half years ago. [NOTE: Also, if anyone’s looking to check out the music I’ve been making, as indicated by the title, and not at all interested in reading my interesting blog post, scroll all the way down. But for everyone else, please keep on reading].


What I look like right now!

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You Have No Idea About My Needs

“So Dennis, if I asked you what you need, what would tell me?”

“Food, water, and shelter. And mucho dinero. Gotta stay stocked up on my comics and anime. And there, my life is fulfilled.”

“I see. Nothing important.”

“Or nah.”


I remember that I’ve had many happy moments in my life, but I also remember that the happiness lasted only a limited time. Getting a report card with straight As is great, right? Well, I started to think about all the struggles I had to go through to make it to that very moment. Doesn’t seem so great anymore, right?

An equivalent of that feeling is passing by some cute girl and fantasizing about her, then realizing that you’ll never know her name and likely never see her again. Whoa…

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