How To Bond In Your Community

The other day my friends and I came up with ways to bond together through sharing music, videos, and games with each other and our friends. Now I thought, how do I bring my community together? Or the entire nation? Okay, the entire nation is a bit of a stretch. But it does bring up an important point: how connected are we? You might say, “Well, with phones with us 24/7 and our data plans, we’re always connected.” I beg to differ though. For instance, you might have 1000 Facebook friends, but perhaps they are people you just met once or people you needed to talk to such as in college or at work. I also remember once how my teacher asked if the students knew their neighbors, and I think most people, including the teacher and me, didn’t have a close bond with their neighbors. The point he was trying to make was that the Mayans or some other, ancient culture in the Americas had a good relationship with their neighbors in the villages and how life had changed over time.

Then I realized, we may know people who live blocks, cities, or even states or countries away from us, but a lot of us don’t even know our next door neighbors.


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How To Manage Your Time Properly

I often have trouble remembering the things I read that should be considered important, such as history, or vocabulary in various classes. It gave me…a feeling that I wouldn’t like to feel. A feeling of being…lost. Once, my teacher had given the class a book that started off an a nice and slow pace.  However, all of a sudden, he started to assign around a dozen or more chapters in a few days and said he might do reading checks as well. At that very moment a thought came up in my mind: “So this is what an Honors English class is like.” The main point of my predicament is that when you get older, it’s not always fun and games anymore, and, unfortunately, you have to use every minute wisely.

Typical studious Asian

Typical studious Asian

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Why Everyone Should Make Their Own Videos

With Presidents’ Day last week,  I made videos with my friends. At first, I thought it was going to be a disaster and we weren’t going to get anything done. I was half-right. I don’t know how, but three videos took around six hours to finish… Well, we weren’t doing much for a couple hours. But the thing is, I actually had fun doing work. You heard me right.

                   Fun. While. Working.

How cool is that? Now I don’t like working, but that day when I saw everyone’s videos, it was a fun weekday.

Should we do more for Presidents' Day?

Should we do more for Presidents’ Day?

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I Prefer to Listen to Japanese Music While Working

I’m a man of all different types of music. Pop, hip-hop, rap, R&B, soul, and occasionally even country. You name it. And as a budding otaku, I am also into calmer modern Japanese music (not classical, that’s probably the one genre—I can’t even—). So I find myself listening to anime OPs and EDs and various other J-music while working, whether it’d be homework or paperwork or among other stuff. But why?

Japanese music is not only actual quality music, but I also usually don’t understand a single word of it. And how is that in any way good?

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